I’m heartbroken and at a loss for words…

My husband finally came out of his mouth and told me that carrying and delivering our child was the bare minimum. And so is my choice to breastfeed him (even though I disagree specifically about my choice in feeding as I could’ve chosen to formula feed). A fed baby is a happy baby and I don’t judge any momma’s choice in how she feeds her baby so don’t come for me on that one! 🤣 I guess I knew deep down this is probably how he’s felt this whole time, as I had a not so great pregnancy nor postpartum experience. Granted I’ve told him that when he cleans our house, that is the bare minimum effort in an intimate adult relationship when you share a household (and child) together as we both make messes and both should be equally responsible for cleaning them… but me saying cleaning is a bare minimum I’m sorry but that is not the same as saying pregnancy and childbirth is a bare minimum. And I know for a fact he’d never say these words to his own mom who neither delivered vaginally or breastfed him. So if I’m bare minimum that would make his mom below the bar according to his own standards… am I crazy for being so hurt by this?
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Time to get a new hubby. 😳

Strap a bowling ball to his belly for a few months, stop him having a drink, kick him in the balls every so often and shove a cricket ball up his penis and see whether he thinks that's bare minimum. What a twat. I must admit, mine hasn't been the best so far this pregnancy but we had a really good chat about it last week and he's getting better. Once baby is here he seems to think I'll be doing everything because I'm "on holiday" for 10 months...........we shall see!

He also sounds super misogynistic, because you’re a woman in a relationship with a man, the bare minimum that you can bring to that relationship is bearing his child? Grow the eff up. It’s 2023. You owe him nothing and if he doesn’t like or appreciate the sacrifices and choices you’re making in the partnership then you should both go separate ways.

Big. Yikes. He sounds like a real piece of work and I honestly cannot even fathom being treated this way by my husband after baby arrives. For example, I’ve been off work since finding out I was pregnant (laid off), I had a rough pregnancy having HG, I’ve been helping with renovating our house but have taken MANY days to just lay around and often sleep later into the morning (sometimes 11-12) after going to bed at the same time as my husband. Recently I’ve had a lot of back pain and discomfort being in the home stretch and while I decided to breastfeed and have a medicated vaginal birth, my husband never tried to have an opinion on how I would deliver our baby and has been a supportive angel the entire time, even working from home more often then he would like to be home with me and to take care of me when I let him. This guy does not understand the sacrifice bringing a child into the world is, and does not appreciate the sacrifices you’ve made for your family.

I would absolutely burst his bubble about the false reality he is living in. You are not crazy for being hurt by this. That is so condescending, ignorant and completely wrong! He has absolutely no idea what toll the entire growing and birthing process takes on us and our bodies and then to breastfeed on top of it... he can kindly go fuck himself as far as I am concerned!

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