Anybody’s 2 month old already drooling/ having a lot of saliva? I feel like sometimes he gags on it and it scares me that he’s gonna choke.
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Yes, my baby is 2.5months and she’s making bubbles all the time. I wipe the drool and it comes back after a minute lol.

My 8 week old is drooling like crazy the past few days.

Yes! My 2.5 month old drools soooo much!

She’s 2 months!

Soooo much drool haha. Yes she mini-chokes on it sometimes. Never anything serious, I feel like it’ll teach her how to swallow it at some point 🤷‍♀️ haha

I think it's my baby girl teething

Yep! My 2.5 month old has to wear a bib pretty much all day because he will soak through his onesie.

Mine is drooling alot too and she is 2 months too

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