I have a 6 month LG who has always been a chilled happy baby until a month ago,she’s fussing and screaming a lot,her gums are hard and I’ll give her teething powder or calpol. I live on my own with her and my partner comes home every weekend (he works away). I don’t get any help apart from that. My mum always said she’d always help as she knows it’s not nice to be on my own however she’s booking extra shifts at work so hasn’t helped me for about 2 months. I feel drained,I don’t get a minute to myself. I’m on my period every week since having her and the pain is debilitating to the point I’m crying in fetal position. My partner does a lot when he’s home but the past few weekends he’ll have a nap with her which is fine as that gives me time to do a deep clean and sort her bottles out etc. I just feel burnt out,she’s wide awake right now and on and off fussing. I just want half an hour to myself wether that’s to watch a tv show or scroll on my phone. I don’t want this to come across as selfish and I haven’t even told anyone any of this I’m just hoping someone can tell me it gets better 😭
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I had that with my lo who's 7 months on thursday, im a single parent and it's hard going but he's got 2 teeth just cut at the bottom! He's literally the most chilled baby ever! But it makes sense why he's been so unsettled! he's a bit better now they've cut xx

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