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I’m sorry I don’t even know how to word this I’m so incredibly hurt. I’m just over 20 weeks pregnant booked in for my scan on Thursday, thought everything was perfect. Then today I find out my partner has been on a dating app. I have no idea what to do, think or feel. My ex of 8 years cheated on me so to have this happen again, I just can’t process it. I feel so worthless and have no idea if I’d ever be cut out to be mum on my own, I have no family or friends I’d be completely on my own. I just need to know other peoples thoughts on this, as you can imagine my heads all over the place.
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I'd say slow your pace, you won't have all the answers or know how you feel when it's something this heavy and it's still so raw. Time for lots of self care. Does he know you know he's on the apps? Have you spoken to him? Maybe take some space and time from him while you get your head together. As for more long term, try to not think too far down the road. Know that you totally have what it takes to get the job done and although it can feel like a lonely road, you are never alone. You are worthy and your value is not dictated by another's behaviour. You are so capable and resilient enough to get through this no matter how you decide to move forward. I know it's scary, but you've got this 💪

Also please message me if you ever need someone to talk to x

I’m going through the same thing found out my ex was cheating the whole time I’m 18 weeks now doing this on my own. It does get easier I promise! I live alone and I work from home so I’m always on my own. Join some single mum groups don’t spend too much time alone. They’re plenty of women in our shoes. You’re growing a little one that will love you unconditionally and they’ll need a happy and healthy mama stay strong x

You’ve got it mama, even if you do it alone it’ll be that much rewarding when you see that your doing a wonderful job!

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