Cleaning baby ears??

Do you clean inside baby’s ears or let them be? My baby is turning 8 months old and in my culture it’s common to clean ears with Q-tips but I’ve been advised in the US to not. Is it ok to not clean them regularly? I currently wash his ears daily in bath but not using Q-tips…
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We have an ear picker and we only really use it if we see a big build up of wax by the opening.

I use q tips but I don’t put them into his ear. I only clean what I can see so I roll it along the ear hole and it seems to get a good amount out without me putting it into his ear. We can see when his ears need cleaning

I have baby qtips that work well. They're too big to go into the hole but small enough to clean the crevices.

baby qtips are fine , qtips are just discouraged cause you can damage your ear , and i've done it as a kid , but the baby qtips keep you from going into the ear canal so you're just cleaning the outside and that's safe

They sell safe baby q-tips, with a bigger end to make sure it doesn't hurt the baby's ear. Available in your local pharmacy/store. This is how the shape is supposed to look like to be safe:

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