Hiding vegetables HELP!

My son will not eat fruit or vegetables no matter what we try.. if I blend them and try and hide them if there is a single speck of green he will refuse to eat it. He has been so unwell with every flu/virus known to man recently and I hate seeing him this way.. he needs the nutrients from food that isn't bland, beige and crunchy. We have so much food wastage trying to find some way to hide it in foods he will eat. I'm after some true and tried recipes or advice. I have looked online and it's all grated veg that he will spot and refuse!
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Arg sorry it's a long wait list I swear all decent help is 😩

@Crystal yeh booked in with a paediatrician, unfortunately it's a 18month - 3 year waiting list at the moment and out family doctor doesn't believe it's an issue... Thought I'd try and see what advice I could get in the mean time 😊 Yeh I'm definitely going to go buy every vege chip on the market, see what I can get him to try. Thank you

@Jayme it is as far as I know a very complex condition that usually needs support and such to try to improve food intake or manage vitamin intake so it's very much worth bringing up with your doctor or paediatrician :) it's pretty common with autistic children One if the ways I get my middle child to eat other stuff is like curried veg but she likes strong flavours 😅😅 she will spit out bland food unless it's crunchy lol Try veg crisps though as I go with at least there is some form of veg in there haha

We make a pasta sauce full of veg and then blend it down. Uses tomatoes. Carrots, celery, aubergine, courgette. Spring onion . We then use the sauce as a base to make cottage pie, chilli, pizza sauce x

@Crystal I've never heard of it! I will look into it! No he literally makes himself sick like sits there and makes himself gag until he vomits. Even if you tell him it's okay to spit the food out and not eat it. He literally used to eat everything until he turned about 1.5/2yo. Now he literally eats all day long just not anything of substance. The only food he will eat other than salty, crunchy food is meat he loves meat 🤷‍♀️

@Crystal he is 5 in a couple of months and I try to get him to talk about why he doesn't want to try them, the problem is we can't even get him to lick it the 2 times we have got him to try a nibble of apple and corn he made himself vomit... 😑 When trying to talk about it he gets frustrated storms off and yell I'm never going to eat ever again.... Doctors aren't concerned because he's growing and active and sleeps well, but he is always sick/catching bugs and it takes him so long to recover. I thought his little sister eating everything in sight might help him realise its okay to try new things would help but so far that hasn't helped either

One of mine only drinks cordial juice or very watered down fruit juice she won't touch milk or water lol 😆 so I'm sneaking vitamins in her juice and thankful I found some veggie crisps which some I swear smell like cardboard But she likes crunch more than anything so if some days I can get a couple carrot crisps in its a win day lol 🤣 Also well done on picking fruits and veggies and encouragement in trying them hard to do with autistic children but took me 3 years of on off offering lettuce for one of mine to try it just hard to ease in new foods textures flavours smells etc for some kids 😊

Sounds very sensory based to me I've got two autistic kids and the will eat if they are hungry doesn't work I'm autistic and my mum tried it regularly and I'd just not eat for a day or two because I couldn't fathom eating that texture in that day Is he old enough to explain why he doesn't want them sensory wise or from certain flavours or sensations tummy wise etc?

@Laci I will google it, so far the only thing recommended is pediasure which is a drink, I'll give it a go but he will literally only drink water and occasionally on the very rare occasion milk. Hes currently refusing yoghurt or juice. He's so stubborn that if it's something he doesn't want he will starve himself. None of this he'll eat if he's hungry thing everyone keeps telling me 😔

@Alea he is currently being assessed for autism, definitely has sensory needs, hates loud sounds, wears noise cancelling head phones etc. Won't drink smoothies, only water with the occasional milk. Yes does grocery shopping together every week, he picks a fruit and vegetables he would like to try and every week they get put in the bin. We discuss dinners he would like for the week, cook them together and have a great time then as soon as it comes to eating said food huge melt down and refusal. I will definitely give hummus a try though!

Oh thinking of beige have you tried hummus? That's beige! And is a pulse so have a good chunk of nutrients in plus if you make your own you can blend in a few butter beans which are also whitish beige and they make it have the most baby soft mousse like texture if blended well Which also adds protein and nutrition I like using it as butter in sandwiches

Beets are great in smoothies, because they turn them red. Also, you can't taste yellow squash or zucchini in a good smoothie with fruit. Does he go grocery shopping with you? Do you teach him how to choose produce? Talk about pricing, and weighing things?

Do you have other things in the house he prefers? Does he have autism, and/or sensory needs?

One of my kids is awful at touching veggies and fruits and some days the closest I get is a handful of veggie crisps lol 🤣 Lentils or root veg crisps work semi ok though on good days As they are crunchy Same as baby veggie crisps Otherwise I put liquid drops of vitamins in her juices

Do you have Mary Ruth’s liquid toddler vitamins in AU? I mix those in my son’s yogurt, or with some juice and administer it with a syringe like any other medicine.

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