3 days ago

Sleep regression

Mamas I need help 😭 it’s been about a week or two now. My little one has always been a pretty good sleeper. He usually goes down anywhere between 7-8 depending on how the day went and our routine had never changed. Well recently he will not go to bed. It started on date night when my MIL had him. Ever since that night he will scream and cry in his room when we try to put him to bed. He has been falling asleep independently for months so this is very unlike him. I would just rock him to sleep but he throws a complete fit in the rocker and all he wants it to leave his room and be with us… he won’t fall asleep on me, not in my bed, not in the couch with us. We have tried it all and only the car works. ifs it very late and we put him in his room he will cry for like 30seconds to a minute and fall asleep but that’s only when it’s like past 10oclock, otherwise he will just cry and cry and I can’t do that. Also, he still goes down for naps normal with my MIL(she has him while I work) but won’t go for naps with me. Anyone have any tips or just experiencing something similar?
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7 hours ago

My daughter is sleeping in the evening but waking up progressively earlier and unable to get back to sleep. 7am became 5am and today 330. She will doze, but wake nearly immediately, cry and want to get up for the day. Not loving it.

2 days ago

Going thru the same thing. Definitely the 18 month regression. I jus gave up n put her back in the bed. I’m getting more sleep. Nap time she does sleep in her own bed at least

3 days ago

@Insa this sounds very similar!!! I’m hoping it’s just 18month regression signs! This is a little different than the 1 year regression we had that’s why I wasn’t sure if it was normal or not 😂

3 days ago

Same here. Started with crying like crazy and he will not fall asleep in his bed anymore. We went with the car as well a couple of times so he would sleep. The screaming has gotten better but he just doesn’t want to sleep before 10pm on the couch. Sometimes even later if we are lucky earlier. We just started to accept it for now and hope this phase will be over soon. Changing nap times etc did not help in our case. So no tips but you are not alone 😊

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