How are you finding life with a newborn?

Is it too hard? Do you have any time for yourself? I’ve heard for some it’s pretty easy at first as the baby sleeps all day. Is that true?
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@Sie my son suddenly stopped sleeping at night and we are now struggling so much more. It is frustrating but we try to not let him see/feel it and stay calm.

Sending love to all of you. Sorry to hear that

An absolute dream! Love every minute of it. This is my fourth though so I know exactly what to expect. Time flies when they’re little so I am soaking up every single second.

It wasn’t true for me in the slightest. I’ve never known sleep deprivation like it and although my baby did sleep a lot during the day, it was often in short stretches so never long enough for me to get a nap or really get anything meaningful done

A struggle for me as well. The lack of sleep is shocking, even though I kinda expected it. My baby will sleep in the daytime but not at night and that is frustrating at times. She is the most precious thing and worth every bit of this temporary phase.

It’s been a struggle for me. Trying to find time for Pumping and breastfeeding as well as cuddling him and playing with him and healing. It’s like there is not enough time. Even when he goes the 4 hrs sleeping we still need to wake up and wake him up to eat. It’s a lot. And emotions/hormones are running high. But he’s the most amazing little person in my life and I wouldn’t trade him for anything.

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