Moving back in together after previous separation?

Hey mamas, looking for some insight here.. My partner and I had a lot of issues that ultimately led to our separation, during our separation he immediately started spending time and talking 24-7 with his first baby mother/ex and it definitely struck a nerve considering he claims they never talk like that. Now we are going to start relationship counselling and we are both in agreement that we want to be together and fix things, our son is 9 months old and it is harder than ever for me to be a single mom. I spoke to him about us moving back in with each other if we got a bigger place, at first he agreed but now he told me he’s not ready for us to live together again yet and wasn’t able to give me a timeline. I’m scared that he is saying this because he wants to still have the ability to see her and talk to her. And just recently she stormed into his place and tried to assault me. He never makes an effort in creating boundaries with her and when she sent me text messages of there conversations it was always him wanting to talk to her, she even sent me a video of him kissing her on the cheek (right after we broke up) and then went on vacation with her. What are your guys thoughts? is there something i’m missing here or has this whole situation just turned me into a paranoid mess 😔… I just want our family back together again, but sometimes I feel like i’m the only one trying
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I’m sorry, I think it’s unlikely he has any intention of putting you and your family first. He’s likely having AT LEAST an emotional affair with his ex, if not also a physical one. Which means he’s okay being disrespectful and unfaithful to two mothers of his children.

It can’t be a “paranoid situation” you got all the prove you need, i wouldn’t trust him, really sorry to say this but doesn’t seem like he wants to be with you, like someone on the comment above said he wants to keep his options open. Focus on you and the baby mama you got this! 🥰

Sounds like counseling and attempting to get back together is a very bad idea. Ain't no way he's serious about you, doing all of this with his ex and telling you he is not ready without a timeline. This guy is playing with BOTH of y'all.

This would be a red flag to me, have you asked him about the relationship with her, and why they went on holidays. It looks like he's trying to have two options, maybe he doesn't fully know who he wants or his waiting to see if one fails

It sounds sketchy w him and his ex!!!

He wants to keep his options open, ma'am.

Im sorry to say this but there's a high probability that he's sleeping with his ex. If shes being this bold towards you(sending photos and assaulting you) then he's giving her a reason to act that way. Also it's a huge red flag he doesn't want to move back in yet. I would tread very slowly with his and this relationship.

I wouldn’t trust him personally. All of that sounds extremely suspect. I’m so sorry but I personally wouldn’t let him back in. Set up something where he can come see baby and that’s it. Sounds like he wants to have his cake and eat it too if he was serious about getting back together he would have cut all contact with her. He shouldn’t have even started contacting her or goin on vacation with her etc

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