Not on the move yet…

Is anyone else’s little one still not crawling/shuffling or pulling themselves up yet?? He’s happy rolling, sitting or even standing when holding on to me or my hands but is yet to start doing anything independently. Although when holding my hands he does pull himself to stand with my help. He was 4 weeks early so could he just be slightly behind??
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Ok, so glad I’m not the only one!! 😂maybe they will all start at the same time… keep us posted 😂

My boy is exactly the same. I actually think he’s going to walk before he crawls 😃

Same here girl. She sits and rolls happily but doesn't crawl or sit up from lying down. But stands happily holding onto something but again can't get up herself. I was just about to post same question cos all I see is babies walking nearly at my lazy little miss stage 😅

My LB refused to roll or crawl, he’d pull himself up and take steps holding our hands or furniture. Then out of nowhere he won’t stop crawling or rolling around 🙃 now I wish he would sit still! 😂

My girl is 9 months next week, she doesn’t stand with support at all and hasn’t mastered crawling yet although she’s been trying for a few weeks. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned but I know the doctor/hv will just say they all do it in their own time

I wouldn’t say he’s behind, so many babies do things at different stages. My girl showed no signs at all, she was happy rolling & sitting (couldn’t even sit herself up, I had to do it) then overnight she was crawling & pulling herself up on everything 😅 she’s 9 months now and it happened very suddenly x

Yeah same here, he's always hated tummy time though so I don't think he will crawl actually. Not all babies do! X

Yes I'm with you my little boy is 9months on the 29th and he still isn't crawling either. When I lay him down on his tummy he doesn't even fase it he just winges, he super quick in his car walker so maybe he might walk before crawling idk, but yeahh I have one lazy boy otherwise too xx

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