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Living with my bd has been so hard. He’s so Feminine acting . Like he will never try and fix are arguments . He just try to get more of an attitude than mines and the only thing he will do is try and have sex in the most unsentimental way . Like he literally will just Stand in front of me or just pry my legs open for it . But we’ve had so many problems and I’ve decided to just go my separate ways . And I work from home and he doesn’t work at all . So we are in the house all day togetehr and I be fine and powering through but then sometimes I have moments to get emotional because he doesn’t even care that I’m leaving him . He always finds a way to feel like he’s justified in how he treats me . He’s very selfish lazy and other things . But after 4 years i do wish he would Persue me more especially when we have fights . I’m not innocent in any way because lately I have been giving him insults back but usually I don’t but nothing works with him. we have bad communication we have no bond he has no loyalty to me ( not cheating related ) no protection. He just always wants to lie and exaggerating me to Other ppl to make me look bad . Idk why he’s so gun ho and painting me out to be a bad person but he doesn’t even consider what he’s been doing. To me or how much his bum ways are draining on me. I know the relationship is over but being in the house and him acting like he’s cool with it . “ oh don’t be mad when you see condoms “ “ I can make kids with anyone “ I’ll make more kids you and your family can have the baby I don’t care “ I am planning on leaving which I’m not gonna tell him . He thinks I have no where to Go which is a reason I Think he is acting like this also . But I’m trying not to give him my power by showing my emotions but when he does his selfish way like him picking through his laundry to put away instead of just all the pile . Or only cleaning his dishes is so irritating because I’m always so giving and I take care of him but why he doesn’t wanna do it back for me . And then he gives me silent treatment . He knows I like to talk through stuff but he uses that as a way to get at me and he walks away or ignore me which is annoying . I have been keeping busy in my free time . I stay out until I’m ready for bed .My point is until I can leave how can I not feel intrigued to try and talk to him about what ever
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He's not going to care more, it's just not in him. And the more you try to get him to care, the more power he holds over you

@👑Jess👑 so yes I do want to leave because I feel like it’s no point of staying here with him . Things are not gonna change and I’m tired of allowing myself to be out though this and also

I’m sitting here in my car in my break just to not have to be in the same breathing space as him . I called him 60+ times yesterday and he told me he doesn’t gaf about what I have to say he doesn’t want to talk and hung up on me every single time . So I really embarrassed myself yet again with a dude that doesn’t provide for his family and he still doesn’t even care to want me. So I have to live with this type of reality

@jess I’m wondering the same thing . I’ve left before when I was pregnant he still didn’t care he actually left to Vegas right after I left . This is the sassy stuff I be talking about. It’s like I do things as a women and emotional reacting and he instead try’s to one up me. I can only realize this after it’s done that it does appear to be attention seeking but in the moment I be serious but also I notice his unbothered demean or . I have left before to I guess make him realize he needs to get his shit together if he wants to keep me. And he appears to act and say he’s gonna change but never really does . I mess up my believe it but I see that he’s not gonna chanhe. He says he’s not going to kiss my ass whatever that means. It just sucks that he always try to come back to me when it’s convenient for him , for whatever reason and I just take him back but he doesn’t Persue me when we have issues . I hope once I leave that I can really just do it for myself and just heal and move ok

Are you leaving him just to get a reaction? Maybe he doesn't care if you're gone? Maybe he's not super into it 🤔

Are you renting? Whose name is on the lease? Also. Hun. Have some self respect. It sounds like you're still desperate for him to care about you. He doesn't care about you. He's a shit person. He will never care about you. Don't have sex with him if for one second he treats you like a human. That's not good enough.

I’m planning on just leaving . No point of living here except because I have no where else to go

I try to Hard to show I do not care and I go strong for a good while but then my emotion come in and I start to realize like he’s not even budging either . Like if you see I’m leaving you why not try ? Why not show you care ? He rather show he doesn’t care than show he does. And then he does the littlest thing and i find myself I guess trying to get his attention smh and then I have to start all over because I showed mt hand .

You poor thing 😦 clearly he simply doesn’t want anything to be fixed soo why try . Guys are soo easy to manipulate tho girl . U really want him back ? Don’t let him pry your legs open wtf is wrong with you? Push him off and tell him to use those condoms he so much wants to mention . Get ready , do your makeup, hair, workout💪 , take care of your person. Laugh at your fone and get your friends to blow up your fone so you create some mystery to who you are texting. Leave the house looking cute with your baby and say something like “ leaving the baby with the sitter , im gonna be out so dont forget to (some random chore)” guys always want what they cant have remember that

You said he doesn’t work and you do, but that he thinks you have nowhere to go? So he’s basically living off of you? Why don’t you just kick him out? He sounds awful with the way he treats you, you don’t need to put up with that! x

So you told him it's over? You must not sleep with him and not even in the same bed.

Oh hun that is horrible.. do what you are doing. Shown him you do not care.. does he even care about his little one?he does look after the baby? How can he not work? But live off your money but give you attitude

Grey Rock I think it’s called is a great method

I feel you cause I live with my baby daddy and it’s a living hell

bite your tongue! as hard as it might be just stay silent. Eventually he may start to get under your skin by talking more and making slick comments to get a reaction but let it roll off your shoulders. My therapist suggested i journal all the things i would like to say to my ex but keep it to myself that why you’re not bottling it up it’s still being released. whether it’s in your notes app (you can lock it with a passcode if you have an iphone so he can’t go through your phone and see it) or write it on paper in a secret small sized notebook. it’s good that you’re getting your ducks in a row to get out of there without him knowing. please do it safely and wisely when the day comes because you don’t know how he’ll react. it’s also good that you spend time to yourself outside of the house to get away from that negativity. Also if he’s doing his own dishes do your own dishes. stop taking care of a man that’s treating you like a roommate love

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