“Trust your body, it knows what to do…”

I am feeling absolutely awful and just so disappointed in myself and my body. I understand that baby will come when he wants and my body will know what to do. But I’m 40 wks and 4 days, barely 1 cm dilated and my cervix is still posterior… My OB was surprised to still see me pregnant and commented how HUGE my belly is and how everything else with me so just so tiny. I wasn’t offended because I say the same thing all the time, but I am soooo tired and drained from being this HUGE! I’m well past my due date and NOT progressing whatsoever.. I feel like my body is failing me in dilating and preparing for birth.. I was hoping to go in today and I would be 3-4cm at least, but no, I was still at 1cm. Which is what I was TWO weeks ago. They swept my membrane which was painful, but I’m just hoping it will help even a little… we scheduled an induction date but I’m so sad and disappointed in my body to know what to do, I don’t trust my body to do what it needs to do anymore and I’m struggling with that.. I feel like I’ve failed and I can’t get over that feeling…
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Don’t be so hard on yourself! You have done all the hard work! The end is near and that feeling of it never ending feels all encompassing! Especially if your super uncomfortable and are constantly waiting for signs of labor! Just think you are going to look back at this when the baby goes to their first pediatrician appt and be so proud of how well they are thriving and doing ! You can do this!!! Sending you lots of good energy and a great delivery!

40+6 here heading into my induction at 5 am tomorrow morning. Same situation I just… never dilated

I definitely feel you girly. My last pregnancy I went almost 42 weeks and I thought my water finally broke but it didn’t and I had to be induced. And same thing with this baby. It sucks because you want to experience the water breaking and contractions like everyone else does. But I feel as long as we get our bundles of joy that’s all that matters. Here if you wanna talk 🫶🏼

Hey mama don't feel down I just had my third baby today and I would be 41 weeks tomorrow. Everyone including my midwife thought I was going to have him weeks ago but little guy had other plans. I tried sex, walks, spicy food, yoga ball, raspberry leaf tea and finally the Miles circuit. I felt like he would never come at one point. I was getting so anxious but I had to get my mind in the right place before I could be ready for him to be ready. Labor and birth is so different for every woman and even every pregnancy! No matter the outcome you will not have failed. Sometimes our bodies and babies just need a little help and that's ok!

@Bex thank you so much for encouraging me 🥺🫶🏼 hugs are much needed right now!!

@Jay it’s literally just like seconds! But know that it can and will hurt! It did for me and I lasted quite a bit of those seconds but had to tell her to stop after awhile 😭

Sending love and hugs.. you can do this momma! You have NOT failed!! Things are taking longer than expected but I assure you your little one will be perfect when they make their grand entrance. Everything thing will be okay!

Same exact situation, just 39 weeks. How long does the membrane sweep take ???

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