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Weird question, but for anyone that has had a baby before or had their baby end of August by C-section, how much weight did you lose after delivery and did you or do you weigh less than you did when finding out when you were pregnant? I am asking because I was 265lbs when I found out I was pregnant and before I was induced i was at 284. I gave birth on 8/28 via c section and had a f/u appt today to check my incision and I am now at 251lbs which I find weird.
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I was 148 before I had my son. Got to like 195. After I had him I immediately lost 20lbs but that’s because he was 10 and the rest was fluid and placenta and water weight. My lowest before u got pregnant again I think was 165 and then while I was pregnant first trimester I got to like 155 now I’m back up to 195 at 37 weeks

I am 14 days postpartum and down 18 pounds

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