Do you watch TV in front of your baby?

My daughter is almost three months and I’m home with her during the day. I don’t watch tv during the day- instead I play with her and sing and read during her wake windows. But when my husband comes home we like to eat dinner and watch a bit of tv to unwind and usually baby is in her chair or on one of our laps. I’ve noticed that lately she is paying more attention to the screen and I’m wondering if this is harming her in any way. Does this count as “screen time” if she can’t understand what she’s seeing? Is 20-30 minutes in the evening going to affect her development?
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I'm a SAHM and I watch TV lol. She pays attention sometimes but I think it's just the lights and sounds. My son (9) was the same way when he was a baby and he is top of his class and in the accelerated program at a magnet school. I think she will be just fine 🙂.

I just try to deter my little one in the evenings… which mainly means pointing her in the opposite direction when we watch. My husband is really big on no screen time bc he’s read the studies about the effects in children, but I don’t think a few minutes a day will do much harm!

If my baby is awake and we’ve kinda run through all our usual activities or my back just needs a break for a minute, I’ll put him in his little chair and put hey bear from YouTube on, it’s just basically fruit dancing to happy music and he’ll be super into it for like a good 20 min which I feel like is a long time for their age 😂

@Megan we’re also hey bears fans! Even my 6 year old likes it lol

Honestly I'd say don't worry about it! Lol I let my daughter watch spongebob at 3 months old while I cooked or did chores. She was content and found it enthralling. She is 5 years now and thriving. Smart kid and healthy girl. 👌 I do try to avoid screens close to bedtime for her nowadays and read a book because inheard somewhere screens make you less sleepy... as I lay in bed staring at a screen 😂

I think it does count as screen time because although she doesn’t know what she’s seeing, it’s discouraged before the age of 2… I’m not good at explaining the science but for me, I don’t like the way babies zombie out watching something they don’t even understand. I feel like it’s not good for their attention spans and their ability to find an interest in the world in front of them because the screen is such a sensory overload that everyday life doesn’t hold their attention as much. I also like to watch TV while I eat so I have baby in bouncer facing me and away from screen if I have it on.

When it's bedtime for my baby girl I put her in the swing and let her watch dancing fruit she'll fall asleep to it that's how I got her into her bedtime routine. Your little one will be fine Hun x

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