Have you guys gotten the TDAP vaccine and if so what was your experience ?
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I got mine a few weeks ago, slight soreness in arm but that was it. It did make my hubby feel like he had a cold for about a day but then it went away.

I just got mine two days ago. I slept 10 hours throughout the night afterwards (not sure if that’s related) and I had a sore arm

Yeah I’m fine

I got mint and was fine.

My arm hurt the next day, but was pretty easy.

Super painless shot! Just a little sore on my arm the day after, but that is all.

I got mine today and nothing happened after

I got mine last week and just had arm soreness for two days the day after getting it

Pretty good no side effects

I got it about two weeks ago. My arm was a little bit sore later that day and the next morning, but not bad at all. It felt like basically any other vaccine, and I didn't have any fever or fatigue or anything

Hi, yes, I got mine 2 weeks ago. I had slight soreness on the arm I got the vaccine on but was still able to use my arm fine. Besides that, I was fine.

Good! You don’t usually get side affects from it

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