3 days ago

Advice on how to dry milk up quickly?

I’ve decided to give up breast feeding my little one, he’s 4 weeks and it’s been two days since I’ve given him boob or expressed using a machine. I’ve only been hand expressing to relive the engorgement but I’m still in a lot of pain and my boobs are still producing a lot of milk! I’ve heard there’s medication you can take but my doctor said she’s never prescribed it before. Does anyone have any tips on doing it naturally or ways to relive the pain?
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3 days ago

If your in pain have hot showers and massage your boob to reduce some of the milk/pain regardless if your Dr haven't prescribed the medication before she supposed to prescribe you with one to help with process the medication are they for that why is she a Dr also you can research on how to dry up your mike quicker

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