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Did any one use a sleep trainer with their baby ? Your recommendations /thoughts/tips please …. ? I need to know if paying +$500is worth it ,,,, there are so many consultants and are all expensive ! Baby is 11 months old and would cry every time I put her in the crib
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@Kyra yeah it’s right above your comment!

@Amani can you send it to me? She sleeps well but I still have to put her to sleep which I enjoy but still

@Amani please share the link. My bub still wakes up 1.5-2 hrs in the night. I'm losing my mind

Hey y’all! We sleep trained our baby at 2 months, he’s been sleeping throughout the night ever since. He’s also on a eating and napping schedule. My son loves routine and follows it without any issues. The book that we used is “Moms on Call” I hope everyone can use and learn something from these moms and not gate keep info that we all need. A friend of mine shared it with me and idk where I’d be without it. I hope this helps! ❤️

yes i second! every baby is different! we did around 7ish months, she only cried max 15 minutes every night & did wake through the night but would self soothe herself that on top of making sure they’re getting enough awake time & capping naps is key too!

@Kanza You definitely do not need to pay for it! You can do it on your own. I did sleep training when LO turned 6 month. The first 4-5 nights were hell but after that he has been an amazing sleeper and get a little over 11 hours at night. (99% of the time when he wakes he put himself back to sleep. The other 1% I go in and help him settle and he goes right back to sleep) I think a good place to start is to figure out what your baby has associated sleep with at this age (rocking, feeding, bouncing, being held, co-sleeping..Ect) No matter what method you use there will be some sort of crying and sleepless nights in the beginning. It also depends on how much crying your able to manage from your little one. (I could not deal with the lengthy crying so I did a more gentle method but took more work from me the first 4-5 nights) Consistency and a routine will be your best friend when doing this. You can do it! Trust yourself.

@Sarita Fiorella sent!

@Alexis im gonna send it now! i actually messaged you the other day

@Amani do you mind sending this to me?

Send me the info too please 🙏

I got you mama! i’ll send you a facebook group, totally free & will help you 100% my daughter is 11 months and fully sleep trained & I did it myself & with the help of the group

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