Epidural & Pitocin

I am freaking out. I just had a consult with the anesthesiologist in the L&D and he made it sound like I didn’t get an option to not have an epidural and Pitocin. I want an all natural birth but I am high risk so I have to deliver in the hospital (heart and genetic reasons). Has anyone talked with their OB team about other options?
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@Dvyne I agree it is about money. They just kept saying “it is best” in such a coercive way

@Bethany my heart and genetic condition is why I don’t want the epidural and Pitocin. They don’t care about the risks of my health which those 2 things out my health risk higher. My condition is very rare and most doctors refuse to go by the guidelines for it.

@Eva omg stop 🥹 so are youuu!

@Samara I have nothing to add to the discussion but just wanted to say you are GORGEOUS 😍!!

i am high risk for heart reasons as well & an epidural & Pitocin is absolutely an option. I will be induced at 39 weeks if baby doesn’t come but my doctor uses other methods before Pitocin. epidural is always the mothers choice, nobody can force you.

What was his rationale ? Might be a medical reason why they want you to be induced and the epidural may be to help control your heart rate if that’s a concern. Remember they need to get you and baby out alive

Make a birth plan with clear instructions of the things you do and don’t want. print it out and give them numerous copies so they can’t say you didn’t. have one in your bag for yourself as well. you can find plenty of templates online to help. whoever you have in the delivery room with you make sure they know you don’t want the medication. you most definitely have a choice they can’t force you and make sure you have your advocate to fight for what you want. it’s all about money so that’s probably why they make it seem like you don’t have an option but you do

I’m aiming for a natural birth as well but I see midwives and they are very supportive of me choosing what interventions I want. I probably wouldn’t stay with a provider who gave me no options.

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