Salmon bites!

I made salmon for my baby since fatty fish is amazing for babies! Cooked a salmon filet in some grass fed butter. Cooked a sweet potato without the skin. Put them in a food processor with an egg, some oatmeal, dill and garlic and then formed little patties. Browned them in a pan with olive oil and my daughter LOVED them!
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@Tiffani great I will try this 🤗

@Paulette my daughter is 8 months, no teeth and we are doing BLW. We give her all food and she does surprisingly well at mashing. If you look at the app “solid starts” it shows you how to introduce certain foods and at what age. They don’t need teeth ❤️

Does she have any teeth? I’m trying to find recipes for my 8 month old who’s dying to chew some food with her gums 😅

Great idea! Thanks for sharing

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