Diet controlled - but getting harder to resist

Ok this is just a rant. Feel free to ignore me. I know in the grand scheme of things I'm very fortunate. I've been very lucky and been diet controlled and the midwives have been very happy with my numbers. I've even gone down to testing every other day. I'm 35 weeks now. Having a few seperate issues including horrid pelvic and back pain making it harder to move. But I'm so uncomfortable at the moment - I just want some comfort food. So ready for this baby to be out. I'm finding it harder to stick to my diet, especially on the days I'm not testing. It's like I'm giving up. Which of course makes me feel guilty. I went into the shops to try and find the lowest sugar biscuits I could and ended up getting some shitty soreen loaf which tasted horrid and I just spat it out. I just want a chocolate donut 😩😩 This baby better come out in two weeks (nhs said I can safely deliver at 37 weeks). I need sugar and carbs!!!
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You're nearly there Mumma! I honestly felt the same way. Around 35 weeks my bgls started to drop so I could add in a few extras if I did it right (veggies and protein first). Movement was a massive challenge for me too, in fact I hurt everywhere no matter what position I was in - as a side note, while a lot of this went away with birth, pilates has been awesome to get my movement back too). If you need a donut, do it. One spike won't have a massive effect and it'll help you get through the last few weeks. Planning my treats after birth helped too

Gave birth on the 5th. Literally felt the same way

i’ve pretty much stopped testing all this month. i deliver in a week and im just over it (was diagnosed at 15w). i’m keeping to my diet as close as i can but they can’t even guilt trip me if they tried 😅. when i go in everything looks great with babies so i’m just not stressing myself out about it anymore.

I feel the same, after having horrible 1st trimester of throwing up and not eating and GD now, this whole pregnancy feels like one big eating disorder. I literally don’t know what to eat, and on many days I cry about it. I know I should be grateful it’s diet controlled and baby is fine but honestly its so f-ed up. It’s not even that much about the fact I want ice cream and banana shake and french fries and burger, it’s the rice, potatoes, bread etc. can’t even have avo on toast ffs. I never thought about how carbs turn into sugar and being a vegan they were big in my diet. And no matter how much protein I have I am always hungry without carbs 😫😫😫

I feel your pain 😩 I was only diagnosed this week and i’m already fed up. No idea what to eat!

@Lulu try Vogel bread im coping with that and apparently a lot of GD ladies can handle a slice or two! I'll find a link for you.

Oh also these wraps!

Or multigrain ryvita - mozzarella, pesto and tomato!

Thanks @Sarah I will definitely try all!

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