I really need to vent!!!

So my family has a history of damn family curses and I refuse to let that happen to my family it makes me so furious how deciful and lying my family is and more I can say so much does anyone else have this problem (how to actually break the curse seriously) my mom and and others are hiding secrets from me it so scary and so sad) when I am around them all I feel is negative energy and feel so sick to my stomach they hate me so much they dont like to see me prosper and it's just crazy!!!! 😭someone please help me out please 😭🥺😭
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@Incognito omg that's awful, yes mama please stay safe 🙏💕 your well-being and your baby are the most important things.

@Elizabeth thank you so much amazing 💜🥰 🤗

@Brenda oh no I am so sorry you're have that in you're family as well and thank u so much I will definitely stay away from them my mom just texted me late last night and I never responded last time I didn't talk to her she sent my sister to my house to start drama which I hate they are so messy this time I will put a restraining order on her she is dangerous my sister is

@Ona thank you 😊 so much and yes I totally agree no more chances

I would recommend the Bible. I’m not saying just read the entire thing but the best place to start is in John so you can understand who Jesus is first. And talk to him for yourself. When you leave your problems and worries at his feet he takes care of you in very mysterious ways.

This is my family on both sides. My mom's dad actually did some terrible things involving supernatural things and on my dad's family they're just all f'd in the heads and just plain sick. So I don't involve myself with them at all. I do wish them well but I know for a fact they don't do the same for me. Live your life the way you want away from them. Don't let them into your life if they're only going to tear you down.

No 👏🏻 more 👏🏻 chances 👏🏻

SAME. Someone literally messaged me randomly on insta (@shortorderalchemist message me and I’ll send you her profile to help you out too) and she totally picked up on it. M to sound crazy but she said my great grandmother had a deal with a diety that was attacking my family and I which didn’t surprise me and she had me do a cleansing ritual and as sometimes as I was it did seem to help a lot.

@Sage 🧿I agree 💯 now because Everytime I give them chances after chances it damages me in the long run I am so done I hate that I am nice but I gotta set my boundaries for me and my kids @Sage 🧿 thank you so much 😊🤗💜

You have to cut ties to stop allowing their energy to penetrate yours

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