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Passed my gestational diabetes at 29 weeks but me gaining 50 pounds already they want me pricking my finger 4x a day for a week stresssssed 😩
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Aww i stressed out at first too but it’s truly not so bad! Lower the lancet speed (lower than what they tell you) and see if that works for you. I changed mine to a half speed lower and it made aaalll the difference. Poke at the side edge of your finger too near the fingernail. I wash my hands in warm/hot water beforehand & sometimes wave my arm around to get the blood flowing. U can do it loves! 💕 if you have questions i can try to help :)

Yes babes I get it Thursday so once I receive it I’ll shoot you a message thank you❤️ @drea

I noticed my middle and ring finger don’t hurt as much as my pointer. Of course I wouldn’t even say it hurts. More like I’m just being poked. And I agree with setting it lower.

Same here. I’m starting today but we got this, before you know it our LO will be in our arms safely

I have GD and have been testing for a few weeks now. I alternate hands each day and use different sides of my middle and ring fingers so I don't get the same spot on the same day. I was super nervous at first but now I'm so used to it it's really easy.

I wonder why they don’t have me do the drink again to see if I have it

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