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How long after a miscarriage did you finally test negative? I’m only one week post miscarriage but still getting very positive tests 😩 I had hoped they would at least get lighter after a week. It has me feeling discouraged. We miscarried at 8w and while we do plan to wait until after my first period to try again, it’s slightly discouraging seeing very positive tests because it feels like we’re so far away from being able to try again. I don’t know when is reasonable to expect a negative test finally
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I’m so sorry for your loss, it took me 4 weeks for a negative test, but now 5 weeks and still waiting for a period. Be kind to yourself and be patient with your body! 😘

I'm sorry for your loss and what you are going through. The nurses have just told me to do a test 3 weeks after the miscarriage completed as the hormones can stay in your body for that long x

It could mean that not all of the pregnancy has 'come away' this happened to me and I had to have a suction thing to have it all taken out. I won't lie it was awful but it can do more damage if left. This was two weeks after being given medicine as at a 9 week scan we were told it had stopped growing at 5 weeks but we'd had no sign of a miscarriage 😟 if it helps I do now have a beautiful baby girl born in may, just over a year after everything that happened, please don't lose hope xx

I got mine at the 3 week mark. The day that should have been 12 weeks!

Sorry for your loss. It took me 6 weeks to test negative! After 3 weeks I went back and there was some remaining tissue unfortunately x

I was told 3 weeks. The only follow-up NHS UK offers is a 3-week pregnancy test. And if the test is positive after 3 weeks, then you have to chase down someone...

It took me about 2.5 weeks but that was a normal test which is not as sensitive as the FRER in the picture. I’m really sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I totally understand where you’re at. I’m 2 years down the line from starting trying and miscarried me one and only pregnancy in may 😔

@Kelly honestly it is like torture. I am with you on that. I had to go for blood work every 48 hours for the 3 weeks. By the end of it my arms were bruised and sore and I was over being a pincushion. After you get the negative test you feel a brief moment of relief and then the next waiting game is” when does my period come” and after that it’s “will I and when will I ovulate” it’s so hard to know for sure because everyone’s body is so different. I’ve talked to people who got their period on schedule and ovulated right away and other people where it’s taken them 6+ months to get back to normal again. I hope for your sake everything goes back to a regular cycle soon!

@Misa My next follow up is at 2 weeks, or next Monday, but was just curious when others had finally tested negative. It feels like the worst waiting game 😩😩

Hi, sorry for your loss. It took 3 weeks for my miscarriage to naturally resolve and my HCG to go down to 0. It can take some time for your body and your hormones to adjust, if you have concerns I’d recommend speaking with your physician as a follow up.

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