Day naps

My 8week old is fighting her day naps. She used to be able to sleep on me just fine and now I constantly have to baby wear just for her sleep cycles to connect. If that makes sense. If she sleeps on me, she’ll wake up within thirty minutes. Sometimes an hour.
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She also doesn’t sleep in her bassinet

Yep. I just posted about this in the July group. I’m having the same problem. Considering swaddling and napping in the dark tomorrow to see how it goes. Right now I’m constantly replacing the paci and getting nothing done during nap time. He’s 8 weeks on Thursday

@Lauryn does your baby like the swaddle?

Yes he does. He sleeps great at night but naps have been a real struggle

Naps drop around 2 months. Try practicing the first nap of the day in the bassinet. Swaddled, on side, with paci, dark room, saying shh. Then transfer bottom first and stay close to them saying shh. Practice one nap a day there and slowly increase. I would not replace paci when it falls out. I would try to pull it out when she is asleep so that it doesn’t constantly wake her when it drops

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