Blocked nose need help please

My daughter is 6 weeks old and has blocked snuffy nose every morning and evening which makes it hard for her to breath sometimes. I find it very scary because she gasps for air sometimes due to not being able to breath through her nose. Has this happened to any one ? What did u do to help ? Should I go GP? I tried saline nose sprays but it has not helped much :(
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Therapeutic grade eucalyptus oil works well in my house. I put some on my finger and put the finger near my LO. It starts to clear up within minutes

Just like all the other mommies mentioned, use saline to soften up any hard boogies & suction them out. Also, it could be too dry in the room for baby (keep in mind that they were in a wet/ moist environment for 9 months) so I suggest investing in a humidifier if you don’t already have one.

Are you sucking the snot out, after you're using the saline drops? And everything they said with the humidifier. I've been using one since my baby was born.

Yes, to the previous responses. It's tough when they're little because their sinuses aren't fully developed yet. With the saline drops, are you using a bulb syringe or device like a Freida Sucker after using them? Saline alone will soften any mucus in her nose, but you want to remove it once soft. Do you have a humidifier running in her sleep space? A humidifier at night can be helpful. Last, does she do better when her head is raised a bit? You can put her cot at a very slight angle, raising her head a bit. Nothing extreme, but having her head lifted a bit can help.

If you’re able to call them or a nurse, start there. My son was sick a lot. We were always told to look at their lips. Are they blue or normal? When he baby breathes in, does it seem like they are sucking in to the point where their ribs are visible or struggling to breathe? Take them in right away if it seems like the baby is blue in the face or lips or is struggling to get oxygen. At that age it’s scary. But you’re doing your best. Steam, saline drops and cold humidity were the first things we used. Also a frida nose sucker thingy. Also one of those bulbs was good. Don’t be afraid to contact your GP. It’s literally their job to help you and your baby stay healthy and get through this. You’ve got this momma!

I used to put the shower on really hot and let the room get all steamed up and then take mine into the room that used to help x

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