How much longer ?

3weeks 37 week today 4 weeks if he wanna be stubborn cause ik they give you till 41 weeks
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I’m 35 weeks & 4 days , 4 weeks and 3 days left

@Iryanna my baby brother is October 30😭 sometimes they can’t wait and other times there stubborn

5 weeks, October 29th due date. Hoping she holds off until Halloween though, I've always wanted a Halloween baby.

15 days! My OB thinks I am going to go early so I’m just hoping I can make it to October

38 weeks and 3 days... counting down the days at this point!

35 weeks and 5 days today! We might have a scheduled c section at 39 weeks if he’s still breech.

I’m 36 weeks today

@Devonna yup!

@Nataly you due on the 28th ?

2 weeks. 38 weeks today!!

@Devonna I'm 34 weeks and 3 days today 🙌🏽

34 weeks 4 days today

I'm so happy I'm getting induced for this specific reason

4 weeks and 6 days till due date. I've went into early labor twice now that stopped itself, so we will see.

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