Normal poop? Possible CMPA?

I’ve been worried about my LO’s nappies for around 5 weeks now. They changed quite drastically overnight into this (more pics in comments) they are always mucusy and wet and usually more of a ‘blow out’ type. They also smell quite sour. Baby is EBF. I’ve asked/shown HV and talked to GP about it and both seem to have dismissed my concerns. I think she could be teething as she has quite a bit of drool, but as I said this has been going on for weeks! She is generally quite an unsettled baby too which I have also expressed but just keep getting told “it’ll pass” “it will get better”. I don’t know, my instincts tell me this isn’t normal and could be something else like allergies, but I’m a FTM so could be wrong? I’m vegetarian already but cut our dairy 2 weeks ago to see any changes and nothing yet.
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Hm I thought I replied to this but not seeing it so sorry if I’m repeating myself. But definitely try going soy free too. You should at least see the temperament improve within the 2 weeks of dairy free. I saw baby’s mood improve by 2 weeks, and every week it got progressively better and the poops got normal at 6 weeks. I did soy free as well just to be safe and reintroduced with no issues at 8 months. Not sure if it was the soy or just the timing as this all happened between 4-6 months when reflux symptoms generally get better. But it’s worth trying no soy as well if baby isn’t better by 4 weeks of dairy free

@MiaHonestly, no I haven’t really noticed a difference 🥴 she’s super refluxy though so could be that. I also haven’t cut out soy properly, I know that can be a trigger too?

Did you notice any improvement in your baby’s happiness/temperament in the 2 weeks of being dairy free?

That is a lot of mucus :( Looks like my baby’s poos and he has CMPA. Most of his symptoms resolved between 2-4 weeks of me being completely diary free, but it took 6 weeks for poos to be completely normal

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