Hand Foot and Mouth

anyone went through the unfortunate event of your little one catching hand mouth and foot? my baby developed a rash last night that doc said was HMF and i feel so horrible for babe. She’s just shy of 8 months so not much we can give her as far as meds, she is so itchy poor little thing 😩 photos in comments for those curious
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Oat bath helps sooth it sometimes

My oldest daughter had it when she was 3 months old .. all that really helped was cuddles with me and some Tylenol she hated baths when she had it

There’s not much you can do even when they are old enough. Just make sure wtv u touch is disinfected because it is contagious and if you have another little one at home just be careful. It will go away with time. Oat bath to sooth and Tylenol if fever or if she’s uncomfortable. She will get better! 💜

By the way ur LO is a cutie!!

@Sandy thank you! and yes we are making sure to go behind her (and us) with disinfectant just to be on the safe side, hopefully it passes soon 😩

@Brittany yeah doc said pretty much exactly this and to keep her skin moisturized. she already has eczema so she said to apply some hydrocortisone if needed as if she was having a bad breakout ☹️

My 1 yo had it about a month ago. He was covered head to toe. Even had it on his genitals 😓 Because he had the blisters in his mouth and throat, he didn't want to eat. All I could do was breastfeed when he was willing, keep calpol topped up and feed him cold yoghurt/ice cream and the smooth baby food pouches. Poor little man started to improve after around 10 days. We used calamine lotion for his spots as originally I thought it was chicken pox. He seemed to respond well to that. He also liked luke warm baths.

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