B Belly// no baby bump??

Is anyone else still bump-less?! I’m 24 weeks & my belly is definitely still a B. I’m starting to feel like I’ll never have a bump. Anyone else??
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I felt bummed for a while that I didn’t have a bump… long distance friends kept asking for bump pictures and I was like “sorry I just look bloated and wide”. But suddenly it popped and I got a hernia immediately and still had almost 4 months to go. It will happen. You’ll be uncomfortable eventually.!

Thanks guys! I’m also super short— 4”9 so I’m wondering how that factors in!

I have a B belly and it’s finally starting to bump out at 26 weeks, but not quite there yet.

I definitely feel like I still don’t have a bump but everyone around me tells me that I’m Starting to look bigger

I’m only 5’3” and 21 weeks and I don’t really show, but I’ve gotten thicker, not sure what a B belly is but my rib cage got wider. But wearing tight dresses isn’t cute with what is going on go 😂

I’m huge 😩😩😩 people keep thinking I’m about to go in labor but I’m only 5 months 🥹

@Adrianna Yep! That is probably it then. I've had two older coworkers of mine say they've noticed over the years that taller gals don't show as much. We have more room for them to nestle in and stretch out!

I’m 25 weeks and my belly pops In and out. Today my baby just decided to poke out lol

I didn't even think about height. Yeah, I'm taller too.

22 weeks and no bump either, B belly as well 😅 everyone has been commenting on how it's crazy that I'm not really showing much at all. And what's even crazier is she's actually big, measuring in the 97th percentile. Like where is she hiding?? 😂 but yeah it's first pregnancy for me and I've heard it takes longer to show, plus being tall is another factor for me

I definitely have a B belly. My extra "fluff" is not making it easy to see my bump and I'm 22 weeks. I know mama's who didn't show until they were 30 weeks. Everyone is different, especially if it's your first pregnancy.

I barely do. I’ve always had a stomach pooch and with my first I didn’t start showing till at least 25 weeks and I was much thinner then 🥴🥴🥴

If it is ur 1st pregnancy u might not look pregnant for awhile still. But this is my 2nd I’m 21 weeks & I look like I’m full term. My 1st I didn’t have a bump until like 28-29-30 weeks.

I am the opposite and am scared for what I’ll look like full term! 😬

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