my baby is almost perfect during the day ( cries like a normal baby ) & she also takes multiple naps (ii feel like she sleeps more then she’s awake) she just turned a month old. At night though, she is up screaming & crying all night … nothing soothe her, even after a bottle? Any help? Any suggestions? I’m a ftm & not going to lie this is stressing me.
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@Jazz you’re welcome, let us know how it goes !

I know this my seem scary and all and sit down if you have too in the shower/tub but get in with her and breastfeed her (if you are breastfeeding her) or have a bottle on stand by that's what I did with my first instead of doing sink baths(I couldn't cause the baby tub thing didn't fit in the sink since I don't have a double sink) and I'm planning on doing the same with my little guy, to me it's just easier that way

@Jez thank youuuu

I agree try bathing her and then giving her a bottle right after works. Also my baby loves being in the carrier, puts him to sleep within minutes.

@Jazz oh okay, maybe she will begin to like it soon. My girl hated baths before 1 month old. But after 1 month, she now enjoys them. She sits back, relaxes and makes her little cute baby sounds lol. Also feeding before baths maybe helpful too🤗

@Miyah we haven’t even used her tub yet. ii believe her cord just became fully healed

@Jazz do you bathe her in your tub, sink or baby tub? My baby did not like baths too until I switched her baby tub and she is now more comfortable. Her old tub, she was very uncomfortable

@Miyah I’ll try tomorrow ❤️ my baby cries when ii give her sponge baths😂😂😂

My baby girl is a month too and I have noticed that after I give her a nice warm bath, rinse her hair with water, around 10:00pm, lotion her, give her a good 4 ounce bottle of milk and then rock her, she knocks out instantly for the remainder of the night. Key to a goodnight sleep is a good warm bath. Hope this helps 🤗

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