Family refusing vaccines

Recently asked my husband's parents to make sure they were up to date on vaccines (whooping cough and flu) and they refused stating they don't believe in vaccines and they didn't get them with any of their kids so they don't need to get them now. I dont even know what to say to that. I don't want to keep my baby from his grandparents but my child's safety is my number 1 priority. Do I tell them if they don't get the vaccines we will have to limit the time our child spends with them?
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Last year when I had my son I had to tell my in laws the same. My MIL threw an absolute fit but I had to stick to my boundaries as a parent. I told her I wasn’t forcing he to get a vaccine but if she didn’t then she wouldn’t be around the baby. She was crying to my husband saying how can you do this to me etc. It was hard and dramatic. But I told her my child comes first and that’s just the way it is. They did end up getting the vaccine but that was their choice at the end of the day bc they wanted to see/hold baby.

Can your husband have this conversation with his parents? You’re doing a lot already and this is a way that he can support without adding additional stress onto you. If this is a boundary of yours, it’s up to them to respect it. At least until your little one is fully vaccinated and then you can revisit the topic again. You have every right to do what’s best for your child and as sucky as it is to have these conflicting ideals with the in-laws, that’s their problem. Your priority is taking care of you and the baby and a big part of that is eliminating/minimizing stressors.

Well, I respect your opinion!

@Angela my child's safety is more important to me than politeness

I don't think it is polite to ask someone to get a vaccine. They have their own beliefs. Just make sure they are healthy when they want to see your baby.

I am in the same boat with my step mom. I am really not willing to put my relationship with my dad at jeopardy. I plan to talk to my doctors about it as well as my baby’s doctor when that time comes. Hopefully we can just make them wash their hands really well and tell them absolutely no kissing the baby and things will be okay. Feel free to reach out to me to talk more! I really feel this pain!!

I don’t do vaccines either my kids have not been vaccinated in over 7 years.. my newborn won’t either

January is the height of germ season. Don’t be afraid to be a momma bear and protect your baby! It’s up to you to advocate for them. If you want to limit contact, or cut it out, it is YOUR choice.

I would, absolutely! These are your boundaries as a parent and they are telling you directly that they are prioritizing their feelings about vaccines over your desire to protect your newborn. Hopefully they can see the sense that you are just doing what's best for your child! Sorry you're dealing with this, good luck!

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