Implantation or Aunt Flow?

Has anyone experienced some spotting for several days. I’ve ended my menstrual on the 1st of September & started spotting on the 16th. My period should be coming on the 28th of September and now im so confused.
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Aww im sorry to hear that aswell 😔 Yes, sending baby dust on your way 🤍🙏🏼✨

@Charishmae darn I’m sorry😔 I tested today and negative as well. I’m having the same kind of cramps but on my right side. I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed for both of us🤞we aren’t out until af shows!

@Sarah my test came out nagative 😞 I had mild cramps in the morning on the left side & goes away. Have you tested again?

I’m experiencing the same thing. I’ve been spotting brown since the 17th unusually only shows up when I wipe. I also had cramps on the day it started. My period is due on the 23rd and I’ve never had spotting before my period before and tests have been negative so far… it’s so confusing 🤦‍♀️ I hope you get a positive!

No problem good luck

@Laura ill check, thank you 🤍

Yes it should

@Laura will it be able to read even tho im still spotting? Or should i wait?

Could be af but if I was you do a pregnancy test

@Laura its strange because the days that i know i should be ovulating, i didnt. I even use ovulation strips to check. My peak should of been the 15th but it was negative. Then the 16th i had the spotting.

It possibly could be implantation what dpo are you

@Laura the first day of spotting was stringy

Implantation is pink is it stringy

@Laura in my liner is brown, but when I wipe its pink & its been like that for 4 days.

What colour is it

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