Natural Birth Mamas?

Hey is there any moms like myself that had a natural birth with no epidural? So last year I delivered my daughter all natural and I pushed for maybe 10 minutes, I did like 5-6 pushed I think. And I’m having my son here soon and I’m going natural again I hope. I been seeing people saying that they pushed their baby out it 2-3 pushes! If that happens to be anyone of you, how exactly did you push baby out in 2-3 pushes??? I really need to know how I could make that go faster for myself lol like am I pushing wrong?
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I had my 1st with pitocin and an epidural, my 2nd natural and 3rd is also on the way so, I don't exactly have the experience yet but I'd say it's more important to trust your body to do what it needs to avoid tearing. Good luck!

I’ve had my 4 babies all natural and one was a water birth best experience ever in my opinion. I feel like it depends on if you have a doctor or a midwife because they work very differently. When you feel the urge to push is when I think you should take a deep breathe and prepare to do a big push. Like I said depends also on who your provider is, maybe talk to them and see what they say.

I had all natural birth twice and 1st one took 6 pushes in 15 mins and my last one took me 1 push lol she was coming out flying! I just push when I needed to and it’s like you’re pooping lol. That’s how I was told that you’re pushing the right way 🤷‍♀️😂. Usually 2nd baby goes faster and quicker because your body knows what to do for 2nd time.

I had my son all natural, I don't know how many pushes it was lol how do you guys remember that! With all the pain then the joy of hearing him cry right when he popped out there is no way I was counting pushes or minutes 😂 it is important to listen to your body so you don't have a bad tear though so even if you need to push a little slower your body will do what it needs to do! I am told the second baby is easier than the first. (Edit to add I had a midwife at my hospital and a team of amazing nurses, was a great experience)

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