Birth control

What birth control are you on ? I’m currently on depo but I scheduled my appointment for Nexplanon or however you spell it
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Liletta IUD

@Jelisa B Yeah a little bit... but after they numb you , you don't feel nothing I did bleed for two weeks straight🙄 then haven't had a period since. Maby like spotting 1 time then that stopped but the bleeding for two weeks pissed me off lol.

I’m on Jencycla, the minipill. It’s been good. I had Nexplanon for about 3 years before baby though.

@Jelisa B I think the depo shot is the same as the pill

I just don’t want another kid nor do I want to keep going to the clinic for birth control the process is annoying and long for no reason

@Cassandra im on depo and breastfeed, she’s 5months 😭 am I not supposed to 👀

@Shae✨ did it hurt ? I’m scheduled for December for mine

I’m on the depo but the pill form I take it because I breast feed.

Depo! It’s the only one I trust and has the least terrible side effects for me 😅

The implant in my arm which I think is the Nexplanon

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