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Hey guys, I’m curious so I’ve been breastfeeding my baby boy and he seems content after that, like he’s full. Sometimes he will still cue after breastfeeding so I’ll offer a bottle or just put him back on the boob and he’ll usually fall asleep at my nipple. Sometimes his cues after breastfeeding means he just wants to be near my boob and not necessarily feed. So my question is, when is it absolutely necessary to give bottles? I want to make sure he’s actually full, but I also don’t want to over feed him. I’ve also been kinda wanting to ditch pumping because it’s very time consuming i don’t really enjoy it..and if he’s getting full off my boob, pumping isn’t really needed? If y’all have any advice, please feel free to comment.
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5 days ago

Babies are comforted by suckling, you could try a pacifier if you want. If you want to be away from baby for a few hours or are going to work, then baby would need a bottle. Otherwise, if that's not in your plans, I suppose it's not necessary to pump/give bottles. I personally liked to have a freezer stash of breastmilk in case of emergency. Plus, I worked, so baby would take bottles during that time.

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