No interest in solids

Anyone else having a hard time getting their baby into solids ?! She has an interest in food since she always wants to grab what’s on my plate but when we try to give her puree she will literally refuse to open her mouth ! She’s 7 months & Im getting worried, should I be ?! We feed her while we eat dinner I’ll give her some of my food from my plate, and she’ll just hold onto it The food we do put in front of her she just plays with 😔😔
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I started oat cereal at 5 months and haven't had an issue with some other purées mixed into the oat cereal. However the past 2 or 3 days she has been doing what you are describing with your little one. Rather mine takes a small bite now and raspberries it out all over the place. Or plays with it. She also goes to grab my food while I'm eating as well. Maybe this is normal? I don't know what to do as well.

Going through the same exact thing

My baby ate purees pretty good she all of a sudden stop wanting it I did research and it says she's ready for different texture so I gave her eggs strips (finger foods) and she was just holding it as well I showed I was eating them and try to move her hand to her mouth while holding the food and now she eats it on her own

I tried the eggs today and she just raspberried them out like her purées. I'm about to switch up her purées to different flavors. We will see how she take that.

😔 maybe a change in texture then. It’s so frustrating. I’m sure eventually she’ll get it , but still, I can’t help but worry

My baby did the exact same thing today. She kept flailing her arms, all of her food ended up on her sleeve

Yes us! He plays with it a lot but not much goes into the mouth

Try mixing whatever you bottle feed her with the pure so with my son I mix my breastmilk with oatmeal, peas etc to get him to eat it because I breastfeed now you could do the samething woth formula for a child to transition as long as it tastes the same it shouldn't be to much if a change for them

Following. Currently going through the same. Mine will nibble here and there but not eat eat

Mine never did well with purees or cereal/oatmeal so we went more down the baby led weening route. She does okay but I wish she liked it more

We basically have to make our girl smile and then sneak the spoon in 😂 She’ll gladly put the spoon in her mouth though if she’s the one holding it

Going through the exact thing. I keep offering purées along with finger foods, I’ve learnt that she’s not into it purees so I’ve stopped offering purées now and going for the BLW approach. She much prefers finger foods, that way she can actually feel the different textures and puts it in her mouth. I wouldn’t be too worried. As long as she puts it in her mouth to taste the food, that’s still progress. Don’t give up. Stay persistent, the phase will pass.

@Amy thank you ☺️

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