Has anyone started giving their baby baby cereal?

What brand did you use ? Or did u make your own? And what way do u all prefer by the bottle or spoon?
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Skipped cereal and went to purées. Couldn’t see the point of cereal… Born April 4th, started purées a bit before 5 months. She ate scrambled eggs this morning. I mean, just a smidge - but she did it herself and loved it!

@Jeni I did give my baby some banana as soon as he turned 4 months but he kinda choked so I got scared and I stopped. But pediatrician said to give him some cereal to see if it’ll help his poop being so watery. But after this week of cereal I will start with purées since he turned 5 months on the 14th. Just waiting for him to be able to fit up by himself but I think he should he will be good

Sounds like you’re doing the right thing!

I made my own. But only for the first couple days then started vegetable purees

I used regular oats and blended it down to powder. That's how she's been getting oatmeal when she hasn't gone in a few days . Otherwise I make her puree and that's what she's been getting

My LO eats “oatmeal” every morning for breakfast. Gerber cereal made with his formula and a spoon or two of a puréed fruit. He absolutely loves it and it’s introducing him to a difficult texture of food. I also used cereal in his formula when he had colic around 2 months old but discontinued as soon as his colic cleared.

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