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I was forced to resign from my previous employment it was stable income for my household but the hostile work enviroment only got worse and my mental health and physical well being was getting terrible. I tried to pursue a lawyer but without funds I was unsuccessful. My supervisor doesn’t deserve to have the place she has she uses people to clean her hands and she’s getting away with so much its frustrating. It’s been a month and a half and i’m still healing from all this. my hopes is nobody goes through what my coworkers and I went through. We left as a team because it was too much. I put my heart in for my job always as i care for my residents and wish I could have done more. I just have this fear of losing my own home due to her retaliation since she is the supervisor of this building including the one i worked for. she’s known for retaliating but i never left because i needed the stable income for my kids. I am mentally checked out have been experiencing disassociation and panic attacks. i was given new antidepressants as old ones weren’t working but i feel drained still. I want to be better for my kids. I’ve taken on working two jobs now because the amount of debt i’m in is over $20,000 right now from borrowing from family to maintain my household. i feel defeated. my husband is currently paralyzed from his left arm due to a brachial plexus injury and had been hospitalized for over a month and a half and is out of work. He is recovering from his infectious disease he had but is unable to work. I was even trying to look into starting a side business from home as a small income as well. I just feel like i am drowning
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I greatly appreciate your kind words and hope you & your family are blessed soon! 🤍

Hello, you’re not alone. Not sure of your name but I can definitely pray for you. I was laid off twice in 7 months, two kids and single. Took 8 months to find a low paying job. Working etc including Shipt and teaching Pilates and had to move out of my apartment bc I ran out my savings and couldn’t afford to keep up my lifestyle. Moved back with my mom two months ago. This def has been one of the most challenging seasons of my life. Depression meds, therapy, support from church small group, and LOTS of prayer!

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