Loose stools

Hi guys FTM, My little one is three weeks old on Thursday, initially started her on kendamil and regularly pops etc… Then last week she was constipated - bullet like poos and then this week she is very very loose, been 48 hours now and sometimes it’s just squirting out of her! Otherwise, she is fine taking her bottle well etc.. Is this something that needs to be checked out? As I know it’s prob either a little bug, or her getting used to the formula- Any help would be great 😊
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I’m trying to just go with it for now. Let me know if you hear anything else. My lactation consultant also thinks it might be the formula my little One is on. And others say it’s just their digestive system Catching up and getting stronger.

My baby is doing the same and it’s almost 3 weeks as well (on Wednesday). My pediatrician told me it was normal for him to have loose stools. I’ve been worried but I’ve been told that breastfed kiddos or kiddos missing breast milk and formula May do this.

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