Room sharing

Anyone else still room sharing?
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Here ❤️🥹

Yep!! Hoping to transition him out soon but we only have 1 bedroom in our place /:

I am. As a FTM I’m not comfortable putting him in his crib at night yet. I will probably try transitioning him to his crib for overnight sleep after he hits the 1 year mark

Yes we are in a 1 br apt so there is no other option 😅 We are also still co-sleeping and rocking to sleep.



I still bed-share, he eats alotttttt at night and still goes to sleep getting his but patted or being held. He sleeps on his own in the crib for naps and that's all haha.

We put him in his own bedroom st about 4ish months and he's been sleeping through the night every since along with learning to put himself to sleep

@Ksenia you basically explained our situation to a T! I want him to be able to fall asleep without me, but it’s not bothering me if he needs some extra cuddles so I’ll probably keep doing it. He also struggles in the crib, he’s up every 4 or so hours if he’s in there. If I’m awake for a while doing homework, I’ll lay him in my bed next to me, since I’m awake, and he sleeps practically 8 hours with a few stirs.

Husband and I are room sharing still and our babe is 10+ months. He still likes to be cuddled / rocked to sleep. He also started sleeping through the night (8+ hours) at around 6 months and then at 8 months went back to waking once a night for a feed no matter how we try and get him to kick the habit. I know there’s things you can try and do to step away from this but honestly, we kind of just go along with it as it’s less stress to just allow him his 12am bottle and he’s usually back asleep within 5-10 min. Every baby is different and my only advice, do what you think is best and if it isn’t working out don’t stress, it’ll be ok :)

Follow up question. Does your baby fall asleep on their own? We’re struggling with him falling asleep without being held, not sure if it’s connected to his lack of independence from sharing our room or if it’s something else.

Yes, crib is in our bedroom


I am

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