Hand Foot and Mouth disease

Hey! So recently over the weekend we were moving and had gotten bit by a few mosquitoes. On Saturday we noticed LO had a few bumps (1 on his foot and 2 on his hand) we chalked it up to him just getting bit and went on with the day. On Monday we took him to daycare and they were terrified it's HFM (which is fair). We took him to urgent care to be checked out and the doctor pretty much said we won't be able to know until he has a flare up. Totally fine keeping him home till we know he is good, but selfishly I really want him to go to daycare on Friday because they are having picture day 😭 he hasn't had any signs of fever/rashing nor has he had any issues eating recently. How long should we wait till we are sure he doesn't have HFM? Obviously I won't take him in if he is a risk, but again I'm like 90% sure they are just bug bites 😭
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So we just got over this, on day five she was STILL getting new bumps and they were so bad. I work at a daycare and it’s the worst case I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot of them! Even her pedi gasped when she saw her bum. Our rule of thumb at my daycare is the bumps have to be scabbed over and no new bumps. Just ask them what their policy is because they are probably not all the same, that’s just my daycares policy! Sorry for your little one. Hopefully just bug bites and not hfm!

We just got over HFM I of course got it the worst!!! Mom life LOL You are actually the most contagious 5 days before you start showing symptoms and then obviously very contagious once you have the rash. My daughter got it first and she went from fever and cold symptoms and then two days later broke out in a rash all over her body then the welts appeared on her toes, fingers and face. Not fun but it was over for her in 4 days, same with our 5 month old. I unfortunately had it for the full 10 days…

My boy just got it. It took 2 days for the bumps to appear. Fever started first and loss of appetite. Be sure to check in other areas too. Mine had them behind his ear, between his toes and in the diaper area.

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