Sleep training??

My 4.5month old has gone through the regression but finding it difficult to get out of or turn a corner. I have a difficult time with Ferber method and don’t want to cio. Stopped rocking or feeding to sleep but needs lots of patting, rubbing and shushing to get him to sleep. Is this even sleep training at this point? What methods did you try and how long did it take? -your friendly sleep deprived mom
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Taking Cara Babies book! Our LO sleeping in his own bed through the night since we trained him at 6 months. There were some regressions and hickups at times, but mostly 11 and now 12 hours every night!

This is the age that I started cosleeping with my oldest. I wasn’t comfortable with sleep training for our family. We both slept SO much better. I’ve coslept with my youngest since day 1 and I’ve had much fewer sleep deprived days. It can be done safely. Check out the safe 7 for safe cosleeping and cosleepy on Insta.

@heysleepybaby on insta is a great resource for all things sleep! She has a highlight on the 4 month regression

I still feed my 4 month old to sleep and she's up like 6 times in the night. I'm just telling myself eventually she will sleep like all children eventually do. My first wasn't this difficult 😅

Read Precious Little Sleep! She covers so many different methods. We ended up doing Ferber (other methods didn’t work but every baby is different!) at 5.5 months and it took her around a week. Hang in there, the four month sleep regression is SO hard!!

I am a certified sleep consultant with tons of practice with my 2 year old. I create customized sleep plans that incorporate different aspects of sleep training methods that fit your personal values - I have tons of free advice on my Ig page tuck.N.time check it out :)

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