Is there anyone else having issues nursing their baby? I’m not able to latch him in any way. Any tricks?
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Have you tried using a nipple shield? It’s the only way I can get my baby to latch!

That’s what I used to used because my nipple vas inverted but I now that I have them “normal” I stop using it I’ll try again

@Madison I also do not know if it is an age thing or a leap he just turned 4 months

@Oriana it totally could be! My little girl turns 4 months on the 21st and literally refused to nurse without a shield despite my efforts 😂 so if you used to use one and stopped that could be why!

If you have a pump you can use that for just a few minutes to pull out your nipple and give baby something to latch on. I’ve been doing it recently because my nipples cracked for the first time, I think due to her teething.

Was he latching before with no issues?

Yes! I have to pump during the day and nurse at night because my boy won't nurse during the day. I also have a 1 year old, so it's getting harder to breastfeed.

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