Flying with Placenta Previa

My OB went over my 20 week scan today and I've found out I have major placenta previa, placenta lobe and anterior placenta!! Eeeek. Ive had no bleeding or cramps in this pregnancy and felt perfect. I'm due to fly to New Zealand tomorrow (3hr flight) and my OB recommends I don't fly but I'm not in jail she said. Has anyone flown with a PP before? Where I'm staying in new zealand is 5 minutes away from the hospital if I needed to go. TIA
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Thank you, was yours completely over? Mine is a major one but been so lucky to have no bleeds so this is why I feel OK to fly, they just worry you have a bleed on thr plane. My partner has been told he has all the bags to take 🙈🤣 thank you! X

Hey I have placenta previa and placent vasa and an anterior placenta aswell. You'll have to Google it lol. I have a thing called succenturiate lobe placenta. But anyway, you should be fine to fly. Just get up and have your walks during flight. Don't lift too heavy either so who ever you go with make sure thwy do the work. By the time you're 30 weeks it will be moved up. Mine moved 2cm above cervix when I was 28 weeks, but vessels and other lobe isn't moved so causing a huge major problem as could split placenta ect. But I have adhd and they tell me to sit and do nothing and I just can't, and I've only had 2 tiny teeny bleeds which was nothing to worry about. So conclusion I think you'll be fine. Get advice from another midwife. So call delivery suite and ask them. Hope you get to enjoy your holiday x

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