All negative except for this

Can anyone tell me if this is an evaporation line? It came after 30mins of testing however it looks like it is also pink and from the first pee in the morning. I used the same brand for the second pee but was negative. Also, Ive been having dizziness and nausea for a week now and sometimes a weird sense of taste. Probably DPO is at 14 days. Still waiting for my period and no minimal bleeding in between.
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Looks like Evap line

Try an early digital that’s what I did after driving myself mad trying to see if it was positive or not, it was 😍 good look mama sending you baby dust. Xx

Good luck

after 5 mins the test is invalid

@Alice Stepin 14th

What day after ovulation are you on today?

I’d say take two more tomorrow with first pee

With each day the line should get brighter because of the rising hcg levels. Don’t worry, try again in 2 days.

With it being 30 minutes, I would discard it and test again 😊

Agree with Milagros ^ Because even though they’re considered invalid after a certain time it shouldn’t have turned positive unless HCG was detected

Looks positive to me. Go to your pcp for blood test.

I only relie on clear blue pregnancy tests as I know they are decent ones, have you tried clear blue?

If it came up after 5 minutes then am afraid it’s an evap and invalid

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