Clearblue ovulation tests -constant flashing smiley

Has anyone ever had constant flashing faces using these? After how many days have you had your static face? I am now day 8 of flashing and worried this means I am not going to ovulate this month.
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@Rach baby dust to you! I hope you get some good news

@Rach thank you ! You too xx

Ahhhh amazing! 🙏🏼 Good Luck xxx

@Rach I literally was going to stop but had some discharge yesterday so did one this morning and I finally got my static face (day 12)

I’m in the dreaded TWW 🙈 hoping to hear from the hospital today about my progesterone levels. Praying they’re super high 😂 Only one more cycle of meds left after this though 😞

@Rach how is the Clomid going? I am going to start it next month.

Yep I’ve used all 10 sticks this month and all are flashing smiley. Same as last month. I’m on Clomid and have progesterone tests and was the same then too. Literally don’t know whats going on!

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