Dating while pregnant

I have a question for anyone date while they was pregnant 🥲 I’m asking because i rarely ever hear about it and I’m not looking to date but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be a single parent because I haven’t heard from or seen my bf in three weeks he’s alive just making excuses why he can’t come around
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@Nikki 🩷 I’m glad it’s like that for you I’m not sure if I wanna date later down the line while pregnant for now I just want a friend Rather it’s male or female But I feel like it would most likely be a male that sticks around a little longer than I’d expect

I dated. Had no issues. Even now having a newborn they still want me around

@Rose yea if I don’t blame you at all

Yes I date during pregnancy, but nothing intimacy. Just trying to meet people and start from friends as I told everyone I was/am going to meet my goal is long term but I am going to take it very slowly.

@Faith I’m sorry to hear that ❤️

I liked what the first comment said because it’s more weirdos out here compared to people with genuine intentions. I texted and talked on the phone to someone while I was pregnant because me and my ex wasn’t together but never hung out with them because I found it weird someone want me while I was carrying someone else child. I say do what’s best for you and your child but of course put your well being first

@alleah girl that is rough-i can relate too sadly.

@Coral yea that’s what I’m afraid of I was looking to talk to guys that have kids already not to date but to make me see what they go through as single dads

Don't let pregnancy hormones take over just focus on you and your pregnancy. You could meet someone while you're pregnant but you have bigger odds meeting a weirdo that's just into fetishing your pregnancy

@Faith definitely plan to focus on my self I’m pretty sure he cheated on me and lied to me already I just didn’t wanna believe it until today It seems like he’s avoiding me, I already told myself I’ll do with pregnancy with or without him and it makes me upset because he knew I had just gotten out of a very toxic relationship and ended up pregnant while dating him wasn’t planned at all He made me feel loved just to start ignoring me

I had an experience where men are basically infatuated with pregnant women for some selfish reasons related to sex meaning cant get her pregnant again; and other men who cannot have kids would love to date a pregnant woman and take care of her. You just have to start as friends and see if they help you when you ask for help. Men have an instinct to provide the one who wont do it for you may not realize theres many out there who are dying to have a lady with a baby. Babies are a blessing and don’t be afraid to date while pregnant its one of the few times you can still focus ok you a bit more before the baby comes.

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