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Not sure if any other moms in here work in book publishing, but thought I'd give it a shot. I recently got laid off due to my company's financial struggles, after 11 hrs working as a manager in food service. This has been a much needed break, as suddenly I find myself able to pursue what I actually enjoy. I have a passion for reading and writing, and have a keen eye for editing, so thought I'd see if I can get a job with a book publisher. Of course, the biggest problem is that I have no professional experience in that field, and even though I learned so much as a restaurant manager that could lend itself to this field, it just doesn't look good on a resume. I have probably 21 years of experience writing, and 15 years of experience editing. I'm looking for ideas, recommendations, places to start, anything I can find to help launch me in that direction.
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Yeah you could market your own services privately

I'm not a publisher but I can always use a book editor because I self-published books and it would always be helpful to have extra eyes

I know a few book publishers...


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