Hey moms I have a question my 2 year old is behaving bad like really bad worse then usual she throwing herself on the floodlit and you can’t even talk to her that she’ll start crying for no reason not only that she’s super hyperactive like she does not stop so what can I do I need help
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@Naty nothing same routine their with me all day everyday or with my husband or their grandparents now it when their gonna have their change and start day care but she has had noooooo changes she’s just getting worse

@Jennifer Have there been any recent changes around you guys? You don't have to share if you don't feel comfortable. I know we had a change in the co-parenting schedule and it took a while for mine to adjust and still struggles some times


@Alisia my 2 year old talks so she expresses herself a lot and talks about everything but she just is too hyperactive she does not calm down

@Naty I’ve tried that and honestly she’s getting worse

They’re gaining so much more awareness at this age, and their emotional reactions are slow to catch up! I have to constantly remind myself that while whatever is happening is not a big deal to ME, it is quite possibly the worst thing she remembers happening to her. I let mine have a few minutes to get it out (safely which means sometimes I have to hold her to prevent her from hurting herself) and then I tell her that she just has a lot of big feelings in a tiny little body and we calm down together

I walk away and tell mine that when he's ready to talk we can talk. He usually goes to his room on his own, cries and then comes back looking for comfort. Then I can ask what's wrong and either fix it or explain why it can't happen. Yes, time outs when he's acting crazy works and a lot of redirecting. Put his attention to something else.

@Patricia Well we talk to her and put her in time out and keep talking to her and nothing is working idk what else to do tbh like I have a 2 month old and a 1 yr old as well and she give me more to do then the other two and they are smaller and I give them all the same attention I don’t deprive her from any attention you know but idk what to do

Oh my son is doing exactly the same! What we’re trying to do at home is when he’s behaving really bad we put him in a “time out” chair for 2 minutes and then explain to him he can’t do those stuffs

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