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Any else's toddler absolutely refuse to nap at home, but naps just fine at school or other people's homes? I really don't think my kid is ready to give up naps but he absolutely refuses at home. We've tried all okay-to-wake light, a visual schedule, quiet independent time in place of nap, etc. Nothing works. He just gets out of his bed, opens the door (old home so it doesn't latch), and comes downstairs. Any suggestions or even validation that we're not alone would be greatly appreciated!
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Absolutely not alone. My 2.5yo boy will tell the babysitter when it’s nap time and on a schedule with her or at any family members home. But when I WFH 2-3 days a week he will not nap for me at his “scheduled naptime”. He is not ready to give up naps yet either bc by 4-5pm he is crashing out on the floor. I have been trying everything as well but I just allow a much shorter nap then we would normally in the afternoon to try and not mess up bedtime.

My daughter started at 2 years fighting sleep altogether she just won’t give in no matter how tired she is! I work from home and rely on naps to get work done it has been super hard! I am just here to say your not alone she’s 2.5 right now and it isn’t any easier. I wish I had a solution for you 😵‍💫

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